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                    本周杭州nd鋼管市場價格大幅下跌,周期螺先抑后揚,周初期螺下行,nd鋼管市場心態悲觀,成交較差,現貨價格下行,周三開始期螺有所回暖,但由于目前市場價格與鋼廠出廠價出現倒掛現象, 貿易商為了減少虧損,積極拉漲,但漲價后成交不佳,市場心態依舊沒有恢復,價格難以大幅上漲。因為經濟下行壓力較大,決策部門相繼出臺系列穩增長舉措,尤 其是推動基礎設施建設方面,使得在建和新建項目施工情況好于上年。

                    This week, the price of ND steel pipe market in Hangzhou dropped sharply. Cyclic snails first restrained and then rose. At the beginning of the week, the market was pessimistic, the turnover was poor, the spot price was down. At the beginning of Wednesday, the price of ND steel pipe was somewhat warmer. However, due to the inversion phenomenon between the current market price and the ex-factory price of steel mill, traders actively pulled up in order to reduce losses, but the transaction was not good after the price increase, the market mentality remained unchanged. Without recovery, it is difficult for prices to rise substantially. Because of the great downward pressure of the economy, the decision-making departments have introduced a series of steady growth measures, especially in promoting infrastructure construction, which makes the construction situation of construction and new construction projects better than last year.

                    從宏觀數據層面看,環保方面各地限產在逐步趨嚴或正在落實的傾向,唐山新增高爐達到8座。但是有些地方仍然存在一些重要任務沒有整改到位,在環保 力度不及預期的情況之下,對于鋼價產生了不利影響。后期要關注限產政策實施情況和力度。需求方面,隨著天氣的轉熱,淡季需求特點越來越明顯,下游采購明顯 減弱,較前段時間成交量有較大下滑,需求支撐減弱。

                    From the macro data point of view, in the aspect of environmental protection, the trend of production restriction is becoming stricter or being implemented, with 8 new blast furnaces added in Tangshan. But in some places, there are still some important tasks that have not been rectified. In the case of environmental protection is not as strong as expected, it has a negative impact on steel prices. In the later stage, we should pay attention to the implementation and strength of the policy. On the demand side, with the heat of the weather, off-season demand characteristics become more and more obvious, downstream purchasing has been significantly weakened, compared with the previous period, the volume of transactions has declined significantly, and demand support has been weakened.


                    Raw materials: Up to the date of submission, the Tangshan Changli Qian'an billet was stable in the afternoon of 17th, and now the ordinary carbon billet with tax was discharged 3560, up 30% from the same period last week.


                    Inventory: Hangzhou ND steel pipe inventory 518,300 tons this week: 16,400 tons less than the previous overall inventory: wire rod 35,300 tons, thread steel 483,000 tons.

                    價格方面:截至5月17日,杭州nd鋼管批量成交指導價格:沙鋼 Φ8-10mm高線為4330元,比上周同期降50,中天Φ12mm三級螺紋鋼為4230元,比上周同期降60,中天Φ25mm三級螺鋼為4070元,比 上周同期降60,永鋼Φ8-10mm三級盤螺為4320元,比上周同期降50。

                    Price: As of May 17, the guiding price for bulk trading of ND steel pipes in Hangzhou: Shagang 8-10mm high line is 4330 yuan, 50 yuan lower than the same period last week, Zhongtian_12mm threaded steel is 4230 yuan, 60 yuan lower than the same period last week, and Zhongtian_25mm threaded steel is 4070 yuan, 60 yuan lower than the same period last week, Yonggang_8-10mm threaded steel is 4320 yuan lower than the same period last week.

                    綜合來看綜上所述,由于噸鋼利潤可觀,鋼廠生產積極性依然較大。但隨著價格的走低,一些電爐有利空間壓縮明顯,總體應該還是會處于震蕩局面。短期 內可能會出現下跌,有可能倒逼這部分鋼廠減量,后期需要重點關注市場情緒面、市場供需以及宏觀政策的影響,綜上所述,預計下周杭州nd鋼管市場價格或弱勢震蕩 運行。

                    In summary, due to the considerable profit per ton of steel, steel mills are still more enthusiastic about production. However, with the price going down, the favorable space of some electric furnaces is obviously compressed, and the overall situation should still be in a turbulent situation. In the short term, there may be a decline, which may force the reduction of this part of the steel plant. In the later period, we need to focus on the market sentiment, market supply and demand, and the impact of macro-policy. In summary, it is expected that the price of ND steel pipe market in Hangzhou will oscillate or weaken next week.