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                    本周包頭nd鋼管市場價格震蕩調整,受宏觀經濟調控的明顯影響,上周末nd鋼管市場漲價心態萎靡。周初開市,因期螺低走,鋼坯持續下跌,所以包頭等周邊外圍nd鋼管市 場價格小幅下跌,商戶謹慎操作,采購需求較弱,市場狀態無力,周中期,期螺波動能夠吃力上漲,鋼坯小幅上漲,給商戶留有一定的利潤空間,根據市場部分鋼廠 資源貨少價格偏高,但標準規格貨小幅下跌,市場報價混亂但可控,整體出貨一般,但是周三夜盤穩步上漲,給市場一定信心。周后期,市場報價大幅上漲,期螺走 強提振市場,成交轉好,本周庫存消耗明顯,包頭nd鋼管市場庫存總量24.49萬噸,環比上周降6.48%,同比去年漲18.65%。本周包頭nd鋼管市場價 格盤整下行,整體出貨有所好轉,價格累漲后趨于穩定運行。

                    Baotou ND steel pipe market price shocks adjustment this week, by the obvious impact of macroeconomic regulation and control, the ND steel pipe market last weekend price rises mood depressed. At the beginning of the week, due to the low price of snails and the continuous decline of billets, the price of ND steel pipes around Baotou and other peripheral markets dropped slightly. Businessmen operated cautiously, purchasing demand was weak, market condition was weak. In the mid-week, the fluctuation of snails could rise hard, and the billet rose slightly, leaving a certain profit margin for businessmen. According to the market, some steel mills have low resources and high prices, but the standard regulations. Prices fell slightly, market quotations were chaotic but controllable, and overall shipments were general, but the market rose steadily on Wednesday night, giving the market some confidence. Later in the week, market quotations rose sharply, snails strengthened to boost the market and turnover turned better. Inventory consumption was obvious this week. The total inventory of Baotou ND steel pipe market was 244,900 tons, which was 6.48% lower than last week and 18.65% higher than last year. This week, Baotou ND steel pipe market prices consolidated downward, overall shipment improved, prices tend to stabilize after a cumulative rise.


                    In a word, the price of Baotou ND steel pipe market was first restrained and then increased this week, and the market tried its best to maintain the ecological balance under the ups and downs of Sino-US trade war. At present, the possibility of substantial weakening of supply is very low, and the short-term Sino-US trade war is also full of various uncertainties. Therefore, it is expected that the price of Baotou ND steel pipe market will oscillate downward next week.

                    價格方面,截至5月17日,包頭nd鋼管批量成交指導價格:包鋼 Φ8-10mm高線為4240元,比上周同期漲120元,包鋼Φ18-25mm三級螺紋鋼為4120元,跟上周持平,河鋼Φ18-25mm三級螺鋼為 4240元,比上周同期漲40元,包鋼Φ8-10mm三級盤螺為4180元,比上周同期漲40元。

                    As for the price, as of May 17, the guiding price of batch trading of Baotou ND steel pipe: Baotou 8-10mm high line is 4240 yuan, 120 yuan higher than the same period last week, Baotou Steel's 8-25mm threaded steel is 4120 yuan, the same as last week, Hegang's 18-25mm threaded steel is 420 yuan, 40 yuan higher than the same period last week, Baotou Steel's 8-10mm threaded steel is 4180 yuan higher than the same period last week.