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                    本周北京nd鋼管市場價格小幅波動。隨著中美貿易互征關稅的預期落地,近期期貨nd鋼管市場震蕩調整,鋼坯價格小幅回落,北京nd鋼管市場價格先跌后小幅反彈態勢。市場價格小幅調整,市場觀望濃厚,大 戶日成交量在300-3000噸左右。低價出貨較好,商家報價向下靠攏。目前鋼廠資源到貨略有增多,前期短缺規格陸續有到貨。價格方面,截至5月17日,北京市螺線沙龍批量成交指導價格:Φ8-10mm高線為4800元(噸價,下同),比上周同期下跌30元。河北鋼鐵集團產Φ12mm 三級抗震螺紋鋼為4060元,比上周同期下跌30元;Φ25mm三級螺鋼為4060元,比上周同期下跌40元。

                    The price of ND steel pipe in Beijing fluctuated slightly this week. With the anticipated landing of Sino-US trade tariffs, the recent futures ND steel pipe market shocks and adjustments, billet prices fell slightly, and Beijing ND steel pipe market prices fell first and then rebounded slightly. The market price has been adjusted slightly and the market has a strong wait-and-see. The daily turnover of large households is around 300-3000 tons. Low-price shipment is better, business quotations close down. At present, there is a slight increase in the arrival of steel plant resources, and the shortage of specifications in the early stage has been arrived one after another. Price, as of May 17, Beijing Spiral Salon bulk trading guidance price: 8-10mm high line is 4800 yuan (ton price, the same below), 30 yuan lower than the same period last week. Hebei Iron and Steel Group's production of 12mm three-stage aseismic screw steel is 4060 yuan, down 30 yuan from the same period last week; 25mm three-stage screw steel is 4060 yuan, down 40 yuan from the same period last week.

                    目前來自于環保消息面的支撐效果暫不明顯,由于噸鋼利潤可觀,鋼廠生產積極性依然較大。從當前來看,隨著中美貿易互征關稅的預期落地,淡季需求轉弱預期、環 保限產能否達標預期、逆周期宏觀對沖政策預期等等需要兌現,需要重點關注市場情緒面、資金情緒面、市場供需以及宏觀政策面對期現市場的影響,短期看目前市 場庫存小幅上升,高溫來臨,下游需求減弱,預計下周北京nd鋼管市場價格將呈窄幅調整的態勢。

                    At present, the supporting effect from environmental protection information is not obvious, because the profit per ton of steel is considerable, the enthusiasm of steel mills is still large. From the current point of view, with the anticipated landing of Sino-US trade tariffs, the expected weakening of off-season demand, the anticipation of environmental production restriction, anticipation of counter-cyclical macro-hedging policy and so on, we need to focus on market sentiment, capital sentiment, market supply and demand, and the impact of macro-policy on the spot market. In the short term, the stock of the market is rising slightly, and the high temperature is coming. In the near future, downstream demand is weakening, and the price of ND steel pipe in Beijing is expected to adjust in a narrow range next week.