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                    國內nd鋼管市場價格主穩個調。主導市場,北京、天津出現下跌,上海、廣州以穩為主。上周隨著市場利空的出盡,后半周氛圍出現回暖。不過當前nd鋼管市場處于進入淡季的過渡期,實際需求比較弱,因此,周末各地市場并無亮眼表現。今早開盤,期螺震蕩運行,商家觀望情緒較濃,所以除了個別地區出現漲跌外, 市場報價大多維穩。而且從市場了解到,今日各地市場表現一般,下游采購力度有所減小,市場氛圍較為冷清。期貨市場,今日期螺大幅震蕩,最終沖至高位,漲幅 為0.21%,原料方面,今日鋼坯維穩,現普碳方坯含稅出廠3560元。綜合上述分析,預計明日行情或小幅調整為主。

                    Domestic ND steel pipe market prices are stable. Leading market, Beijing and Tianjin declined, while Shanghai and Guangzhou dominated by stability. Last week, the atmosphere warmed up in the latter half of the week as the market was out of the blue. However, the current ND steel pipe market is in the transitional period of entering the off-season, the actual demand is relatively weak, therefore, the weekend market around the performance is not bright. This morning's opening, snail oscillation operation, businessmen wait-and-see mood is strong, so in addition to the rise and fall in individual areas, the market quotation is mostly stable. And from the market, we know that today the market performance is general, downstream purchasing efforts have been reduced, and the market atmosphere is relatively cold. Futures market, today's snail shocks substantially, and eventually reached a high, an increase of 0.21%, raw materials, today's steel billet stable, now ordinary carbon billet with tax 3560 yuan. Based on the above analysis, it is expected that tomorrow's market will be mainly adjusted slightly.

                    價格方面,國 內重點城市Ф6.0mm高線平均價格為4381元(噸價,下同),持平;國內重點城市Ф25mm三級螺紋鋼平均價格4112元,跌6元。主導城市方面:北 京高線(6mm)4820元,持平;三級螺紋鋼(25mm)主流規格4020元,跌40元;上海市場高線4250元,持平;三級螺紋鋼4050元,持平。

                    In terms of price, the average price of 6.0mm high-speed line in key cities in China is 4381 yuan (ton price, the same below), which is flat; the average price of_25mm three-stage threaded steel in key cities in China is 4112 yuan, down 6 yuan. Leading cities: Beijing High-speed Railway (6mm) 4820 yuan, flat; the mainstream specification of the third-grade threaded steel (25mm) 4020 yuan, down 40 yuan; Shanghai High-speed Railway 4250 yuan, flat; and the third-grade threaded steel 4050 yuan, flat.